She knew that meeting him was a risk.  Meeting someone off the internet is always a risk, but there was something about him.  Something hot.  Something intriguing.  Something intense.  She was looking for a specific type of lover – someone who could feed her desire for bondage play.  Having just gotten out of a 4 year intense bondage relationship, she needed to have someone who could control her and cater to that particular, submissive need.

Their e-mail, text or phone conversations were always tinged with the naughty.  Hearing his voice rendered her a squishy wet ball of need in mere seconds.  Just hearing the way he purred "Mmmmmmm" in even the most innocent way caused her clit to thump and her nipples to harden.  She had never quite had a sexual connection like this with someone who had never actually touched her in person.  It was unnerving yet thrilling on every level.   The possibilities were deliciously endless!

They had discussed their meeting - or, more specifically what he was going to do to her at this meeting - numerous times.  It always began with a heated kiss and moved, quickly, to something more urgent.  Whether it was his hand snaking down her pants to feel her wetness, fingers thrusting up inside her pussy and then moving up to their mouths for a mutual taste - or - her sinking to her knees to take his cock in her mouth.  Then it moved to her being bound – tied – in some manner.  Unable to protest his sexual desires.  This is what really intrigued her and got her going!

women having orgasm in bedShe had masturbated over and over to images of him pinning her up against her car, kissing her lustfully, nibbling her neck, fingering her roughly, making her moan and shake, not caring who may be watching.  She would lay in bed, lazily fingering her clit, rubbing her fingers up and down her wet slit, her breathing becoming heavier, her clit engorging with blood as she imagined his sexy voice and his large, strong fingers entering her for the first time!  The thought always brought her quickly into the heat of her orgasm - and left her feeling insanely needy for the real experience!  Sometimes they would have phone sex and when he would mention cuffing her wrists behind her back, or forcing her to suck him while bound – she would cum loudly in the phone unabashedly!

She was on her way to have a real experience with him right now and her pussy was literally aching with the need for him!  It was insane how desperate she was becoming to see him, to feel him, to taste him!  As she drove to the hotel all she wanted to do was relieve the pulsation in her clit with a nice orgasm, but she was so close to having him for real that she knew she needed to wait!  She just hoped that after all this time he found her as sexy in person as he said he did on the phone and over text!

Pulling into the parking lot her heart was beating out of her chest!  She took a deep breath and exited her car.  She placed her purse on the roof and began to straighten her skirt.  Just then she felt hot breath on her neck and strong hands encircling her, pulling her tightly to him!  His mouth was on her neck, his "mmmmmmm" was growling in her ear and she felt like she may faint!  He held her close and she found herself grabbing at his arm, almost clawing him, as she began to whimper at the urgent way his mouth was sucking on her neck.

He turned her around, quickly almost like a professional dancer doing a spin, and caught her face to face!  He smiled a gorgeous, devilish smile and said, "Well hello there sexy," and took her face in his hands. Looking directly at her he bent to kiss her fully on the mouth. The kiss was flirtatiously slow as he almost held himself back a bit, as if the moment was to be savored!  Then, his mouth met hers and their tongues danced eagerly and perfectly together.  His hands worked their way to the small of her back and hers encircled him, merging the two of them in a heated embrace.  The kiss seemed never-ending and got more heated as the seconds passed.  Their tongues talking to one another; silently conveying the naughty suggestions and eager anticipations.

Breaking from the kiss she was winded, literally, and could barely stand!  He knew this and held her to him, giving her a warm hug.  Her body was on fire.  The passion she felt for him was unmatched by any other experience she had up till then.  He gently brushed the hair from her face and as his fingertips grazed her cheek it was if her face was on fire with his touch.  He looked into her eyes and bent to kiss her again, slowly, passionately.  She melted into him as their bodies melded once again.  She felt his hand brushing her breasts, slowly caressing the soft mounds, enjoying the weight of them and paying attention to the very hard nipple evident beneath the fabric of her blouse.  She noticed, now, the hardness of his cock pushing into her and yearned to free it from its khaki prison.  The kiss became more intense as their hands were slowly caressing and exploring each other, both of them oblivious to anyone who may be watching them.

passionate bondage sex Once again breaking free, he pulled her along effortlessly, holding her hand and directed her to the hotel entrance.  His hand released hers, and his fingertips began teasing her shoulders, the nape of her neck, down her spine – all while walking into the hotel.  She was mesmerized, literally, and felt as if this was a dream.  She did not notice anything around her until she stepped into the elevator.  It was completely mirrored!  Before the door could even close he had her pinned against the wall, his hand between her thighs and his fingers working their way up inside her.  Kissing her passionately, she hoisted one leg up and grabbed his neck pulling him down to her, her moans getting louder and needier.  His fingers working their way in and out of her wetness and just as she was about to clench him in orgasm, he went to his knees, placed one of her legs over his shoulder and dove into her sweet cunt, licking and lapping at her, sucking her clit and making her gush all over his face in seconds!  As she orgasmed, she grabbed his head for stability as her legs shook and her body convulsed.  Moaning, "Oooooh fuck, " she was sure the whole hotel heard her and she did not care.  She faintly heard a "ding" of the door to the elevator opening and could not believe that what they just shared happened in a mere 22 floors!

Walking to the room, her body was tingly in post orgasm and she was anxious to see what would come next.  He placed the key card in and opened the door.  She tossed her purse on the table and turned to him, pushing him against the wall to kiss him.  His mouth smelled and tasted like her pussy.  His hands encircled her again, pulling her close.  They kissed and he began to rub his hands all over her body.  Grabbing her breasts, squeezing her ass, holding her waist.  Her hands explored him as well, feeling his broad shoulders, his tight chest and eagerly searching out his cock!  In one fluid motion he grabbed both of her hands and pulled them up against the wall, effectively pinning her.  He roughly explored her body, pinching, twisting, pulling her nipples, nibbling her neck, biting at her nipples through the prison of her bra.

There could be no more waiting, he grabbed her and moved her into the main room, pushing her toward the bed.  He removed her blouse and skirt, leaving her in only her bra and panties.  He growled and whispered, "damn" under his breath.  He removed his shirt and then his belt buckle, releasing his erect cock from his boxers, he pushed her firmly to her knees and said only, “suck, now.”   Fuck, his cock was magnificent, thick and so fucking hard!

She took it in her hands and looked at it, simply flicking the tip with her tongue, but then started to suck and lick him with verve.  He tasted delicious.  His hands went to her head, gathered up her hair and his moan indicated his extremely enthusiasm!  She worked his cock like a pro, altering short with deep strokes down her eager throat.  Her right hand twisted around his shaft while her mouth and tongue serviced his cock head.  She licked his balls and nibbled him, causing him to shudder.  Each moan or growl he offered her only made her hotter for him, and soon he was holding her head and fucking seamlessly down her throat!  Just when the saliva was forming thick, foam-like ribbons that extended from his cock to her mouth he took his cock away and helped her up, pushing her onto the bed.  He crawled on top of her and kissed her, his hardness caressing her thigh.  His hands found her breasts and pulled them out from her bra, his mouth engulfing her nipple, sucking it in hard.  He suckled her breast with eager attention as she moaned and arched her back, trying to rub her wet pussy on his thigh.

His mouth went eagerly from her breast down her stomach to her thigh.  His fingertips gently caressed her pussy through her lacy panties and one finger slowly slid up and down the seam, moving it over gently until it grazed her wet slit.  He pulled her panties off effortlessly and spread her legs, taking one moment to admire the glistening beauty of her freshly shaven pussy.  He moved his mouth to her hotness and licked up and down her slit. Each side of her puffy pussy lips were extremely swollen with desire for his touch.  He moved his tongue around her clit, swirling it with just enough pressure to be driving her wild!  She spread her legs and one hand found her breast, the other grabbed his hair, pulling him down into her.  His tongue attentions were driving her quickly to a frenzy and she knew she was going to cum any second.  Sensing this, he placed 2 of his large fingers into her cunt with just the right angle and pressure and began to work them in and out while licking her clit fast and furious!  She began to writhe under his control and soon the gush of wetness was spurting from her, her tummy tightening and her back arching, her legs shaking and the orgasms kept coming and coming in hot, wet waves until he removed his fingers and moved his mouth to hers for a delicious wet and sticky kiss.

He smiled.....and growled.  She knew, they were just getting started.  She knew that the tables were about to be turned.  She shivered at the thought.  He pulled her to her feet by the bed.

“Hands behind your back, wrists together,” He commanded.  She felt the familiar sensation of smooth rope being expertly wrapped around her wrists, pulling her shoulders back and forcing her ample breasts to push out, her nipples instantly erect.  He liked her like this – exposed and vulnerable – bound in a manner of his choosing.  This was what she was waiting for.  This is what made her meet a complete stranger.  The bondage dynamic.  She craved it.

They had previously discussed a safe word, as well as the hard and soft limits of their play.  She felt comfortable with him and was more eager than apprehensive.  She watched as he walked naked around the room while she stood there properly, waiting for instruction.  He reached next to the dresser and grabbed a riding crop.  'It is a wonder more people do not keep these handy,' she thought. 'Riding crops are so fun!' He walked over and stood in front of her and took the end of the crop and gently, methodically tapped it on her left nipple.  Already erect, the small motion made shivers run through her body.  He then tapped the other nipple, allowing the end of the crop to barely graze them.  He increased the force, but kept just the very end of the crop flicking the nipple.  It was maddening and the nipples became deliciously sore very quickly.  She was sure they were red and engorged.  He switched his attack to the underside of her breasts, tapping in a swift, upward motion.  This sent shock feelings right to her clit! 

Moving away from her breasts, he snaked the crop down her center, to her thighs.  Letting the crop tickle her thighs he commanded, “spread those legs so your pussy is exposed for me.”  She did as told and was rewarded with a flirtatious teasing of her pussy and clit with the end of the crop.  He moved it between her lips, back and forth, back and forth, until the pole of the crop was between her pussy lips and the end was at her backside.  He took the crop and moved it up to her mouth, “taste your excitement,” he said as he thrust the end of the crop into her mouth. Indeed it was wet and tasted of her.

He went back to her clit with the crop this time tapping upwards in quick snaps.  Hard, quick snaps.  She felt her face contorting in pain, but knew better than to whimper or yelp.  She allowed the hot warmth that always accompanied a crop lashing to rush over her. She concentrated on the engorgement of her clit and the electric pulses running through her body.  She closed her eyes and just went with it.  He changed up his method to a snap and then a rub – a snap and a rub.  This effectively worked her into an orgasmic state quickly and she found herself needing to ask to cum. She muttered, “Can…can I please cum Sir?”

“Yes, you may come whenever you would like dear one,” he responded and gave her what she craved with a snap and rub, bringing the crop forcefully up to her clit and watching her writhe and wiggle in the orgasm, while trying not to fall over or close her legs.  “You are trained well, dear one, you definitely know how to handle your pain and your pleasure, I am very pleased!”

He grabbed her elbow and walked her the few steps to the bed, then pushed her gently downward, her hands still bound behind her back, and asked her to spread her legs.  She heard him move backward and away, and braced herself for more of the crop punishment. 

*SMACK* came the large, hard paddle right on her ass!  She was not prepared for that, and bucked forward, falling almost completely onto the bed.  She now understood why he had moved her.  She felt oddly more secure now, knowing that he, too, knew what he was doing.

*SMACK*  *SMACK*  *SMACK*  three spankings all in a row, no break in between!  He was getting both of her ass cheeks at once with square paddling right in the middle of her ass!  The last one hurt a bit more than she had expected and she found her knees buckling a bit.

womens orgasmNo more smacks came, but she did feel his cock head at her pussy entrance.  He pushed her down and entered her slowly. He rubbed her red ass with one hand, and held onto her bound wrists with the other, and slid his hard cock deep into her.  The pleasure of his cock inside her, combined with the raw, stinging of her ass was maddeningly intense! 

“I am going to fuck that pussy fast and deep.  I am going to make your insides as raw as your ass is!  Then I am going to reward you with my cum deep inside you,” he mewed.  She was undeniably turned on!  Being used for his pleasure was her ultimate goal.  He had given her freedom to orgasm, which was a rare treat, and she intended to use it.

Picking up the pace, he slammed his cock deep into her pussy, stalling when deeply in, and swirling his hips around.  Every third stroke or so he would spank her tender ass with his hand and she would clench, instantly, in orgasm!  “Oh, my little playmate likes pain doesn’t she,” he remarked, and giving her more of what she desired.

He had tremendous stamina and fucked her for what seemed like hours.  Long, deep strokes that hit all her tender insides.  She came and came until her insides were as raw as her ass.  Her arms were beginning to ache, her legs were losing strength and her body was alive with sensations.

As if he sensed it, he picked up his pace, smacked her once more for good measure and buried himself deep within her and unloaded his hot cum.  She felt every pulse of his cock as he spurt into her, moaning and thrusting minimally as he went.  Once he was semi-limp, he pulled out and helped her to stand, then pushed her onto her knees, “clean up the mess you made,” he instructed, and put his semi-hard cock into her mouth. She took it, eagerly, tasting both of them on his cock.  She made sure to get all of his shaft, and his balls too for good measure.  As she knelt there she could feel the rest of his cum oozing out of her pussy.  A feeling that she really loved.  She felt his cock stirring under her masterful tongue.  How amazing!  She had never had a lover who could regain an erection immediately after orgasm.  This could be a very exciting relationship.

He pulled his cock away from her, helped her to stand, untied her and urged her to go to the bathroom and clean up.  She splashed some cold water on her face, fixed her mascara which was beginning to run, ran her fingers through her hair and then turned to look at herself in the full-length mirror.  Her breasts were red, her arms had the distinct imprint of rope and her poor ass was so red and welted!  This excited her immensely.   She couldn’t wait to find out what would come next. 

Walking out of the bathroom she stopped at the doorway and peered at the bed which had more rope, handcuffs, a blindfold and a flogger. Her heart skipped a beat.  This was going to be a very, very interesting and orgasmic evening indeed!  She continued walking toward him and toward her future.