On Her Knees

As Mia left the courtroom she ran smack into opposing counsel and he was none too happy to see her again.  “You know Mia, you really could’ve given me a break in there, going for the extra compensatory damages was just over the top!”

“Well Michael, I had the evidence so I went for the whole bag,” Mia sneered, very self-satisfied.

“They have a name for you downtown you know,” Michael quipped, “and it is not a nice one!”

“Yeah, I am aware of my reputation, but you know what, as long as that name is not loser, I am good with it!”

Mia walked down the stairs and out the side entrance of the courtroom.  It had been a very successful Friday for her.  She made her client a lot of well-deserved money, had put 2 cases to bed, and was looking forward to a 3-day weekend.  Life was good.  All she wanted to do was get home, change into her weekend clothes, grab her overnight bag and go to Harrison’s. 

An hour later she pulled up to the expansive house, grabbed her bag and headed for the front door.  She felt the tension leaving her body as she rang the doorbell.  Harrison answered almost immediately, his blonde hair falling sexily into his deep, green eyes.  Wearing a tight, black t-shirt and gray slacks he looked every bit the powerful attorney he was.  However, to Mia he was much more than just a previous courtroom opponent.

“There you are, I was getting impatient,” he purred, “I suggest you go and get yourself ready.”

couple sexy bondage in bedMia nodded in assent and ran up to the second floor, putting her bag in the master
bedroom.  She stripped down to her black thong panties, put her long, blonde hair into a loose bun, climbed up onto the king size bed, knelt leaning back on her heels and waited, patiently, for Harrison to enter the bedroom.

“Mmmmm, you are a sight for sore cock kitten,” Harrison said approvingly.  Walking slowly to the bed he allowed his inner thoughts to come to the surface.  This weekend I am going to tan that beautiful ass until it is bright pink right before I fuck it!

Mia stayed in position, not allowing the excitement to become apparent, but her hardening nipples betrayed her instantly.  Harrison took advantage and grabbed her left nipple, twisting roughly, eliciting a low moan from her. 

“Patience kitten, I have plans for you that do not include you cumming anytime soon!”

The last time Harrison had faced Mia in court she had wiped the floor with him, and he was very upset and surprised by it.  He asked her for a drink all the same, and the moment they met outside of the courtroom it became very clear that they would have a very different relationship that opposing counsel. Mia was submissive; Harrison Dominant.  They soon entered into a mutually exclusive relationship as Master / slave.  Funny how the tables turn so severely for some people.  People like Mia who are ultimately powerful, but get off on having that power taken away.

Harrison caught her in her daydream, and grabbed her hair out of the bun, twirling it around his hand and pulling her backwards in a smooth, quick motion.  “Spread those legs now, kitten,” he commanded.

Now on her back, Mia did as told, spreading her legs as wide as she could.  Harrison swiftly tied her ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed, then went up and did her wrists.  Mia was spread open and exposed.  Her pussy glistening with wetness.  Harrison grabbed something from the bureau that housed all his implements of pleasure and pain.  She heard the tell-tale humming of the Hitachi magic wand and felt it hit her nipples, one then the other.  Painstakingly powerful, that wand was a torturous device for sure.

Harrison worked it on her nipples until they were buzzing with sensation and then moved it down to her clitoris.  “Do NOT cum unless I tell you to kitten,” Harrison commanded. This was probably the hardest command to obey, as she came easily and often.  He worked the wand on her tender clit, bringing her close to orgasm, watching her writhe against her restraints, knowing that he would be pushing her limits soon.

Back and forth he moved the wand, on and off her clit, bringing her painfully close to orgasm over and over.  Mia was nearly in tears and knew she had to beg.  If she did not beg, soon, she would cum and He would be displeased with her.

“Master, please, please allow me to cum, please,” Mia begged with tension in her voice and need in every syllable.

Harrison took her pleading and placed the wand firmly on her clit and then came the command that set her free, “cum kitten, cum now!” The orgasm flowed through her body – intense and joyful – but he didn’t just give her one – he allowed her 3!  This weekend was definitely off to a good start.

dominant sex couplesWhen Mia had come down from the orgasms, Harrison released her from her binding, but directed her to kneel and place her head down on the bed, her ass up.  He got on the bed behind her and spread her knees to a position that worked for him.  He caressed her ass gently, giving it a bit of a grab.  Mia could feel her pussy lips opening when he grabbed her ass.  She was just adjusting to the soft touch when the hard “SLAP” came in hard and firm.  He was using a paddle, a wooden one from what she could tell.  He rubbed her tender ass for a few strokes and then “SLAP” with the paddle again.  Over and over, always on the left ass cheek.  She could feel the heat of her ass as it reddened and tears started to flow down her cheeks, yet she remained quiet and in position.  Knowing her limits as he did, he stopped and placed the paddle on the bed. 

His tongue began to lick and caress the cheek he had just punished with the paddle.  His hands moving over her other ass cheek, and then caressing her pussy.  The wetness betrayed just how much she loved being punished, and he eagerly pushed two fingers inside her wet pussy.  In and out he worked them, turning them around inside her.  Mia began to feel her orgasm building, the little clenching of her pussy around her fingers eluding to this. 

“Do not cum kitten, not until I tell you,” He commanded. 

This would be harder, she was already so ripe and ready.  He worked those fingers in and out, licking her ass cheek and biting it every so often.  He changed the angle of his fingers and Mia found herself in orgasm.  She couldn’t help it!  The waves of pleasure flowed over her and not until she came down did she worry about the repercussions.

“Master, I am so sorry.  I couldn’t help it!  Your fingers inside my pussy felt too good.  I am sorry, please forgive me!”

“Oh kitten, you know this is not how it works!  First, I am going to fuck you.  I am going to fuck you hard and fast and rough and only chase my pleasure.  Then, when I have had my fill of that little cunt, I am going to punish you as I see fit, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she said.

Harrison spread her legs roughly, pushed her down toward the bed, entered her in one, long motion so he was balls deep in her.  He thrust over and over, hard, fast and rough.  He pulled her hair and made her arch her back up toward him as he pummeled her tender sex over and over.  Just when she thought he was going to finish, he slapped her hard on her tender ass cheek, causing her to go into orgasm, hard, clenching around his cock and causing him to spurt his hot load inside of her with a loud grunt!  He continued to thrust into her until she felt his wet, hot cumming spilling out from her.

“Taste it,” he commanded, and he took his fingers soaked in his cum and thrust them into her mouth, she licked them clean as she always did.  Savoring the salty goodness of his essence.

He removed himself from her, and instructed her to get on the floor and into position 1. Position one was her kneeling, resting back on her feet, her hands laying loosely on her thighs, palms down, her head bowed in submission. 

As Mia knelt there, head down, eyes shut she wondered what her punishment would be?  Would he suspend her from the ceiling hook and whip her with the flogger?  Perhaps he would but a butt plug in her ass and fuck her tender hole.  Maybe he would handcuff her and clamp her nipples.  As she thought of all the possibilities she sensed him standing in front of her.

“Look up kitten,” he commanded.  She looked up to find his limp cock hanging there and she knew what he wanted before he asked. 

“Suck that cock until it is hard for you again and then swallow whatever I give you,” he instructed. 

And she did, eagerly and with pleasure.  Loving being down on her knees in front of her Master. This beat any winning day in court.  Well, almost anyway.