Over The Threshold

2 years ago Devlin would have never imagined herself in the position she was in.  Literally and figuratively.  Literally hanging from shackles secured on fetish room wall in a basement.  Figuratively, allowing anyone to do the things to her as she allowed her Master as well as actually finding immense pleasure in them.  Devlin was clearly a masochist but it took a special person to make her realize this.  Now going on their second year together, Devlin and her Master had a mutually pleasurable relationship that centered around pain and pleasure.  He allowed inflicting pain on her and she enjoyed it.  So much so that her orgasms were never as powerful as when there was some aspect of pain involved.

Breaking from her retrospective daydream, she realized that Master was pushing a rather large anal plug into her asshole and as she felt that delicious stretch she found herself writhing in pleasure.  Master moved her hands from the low shackles and put them above her head, placing the cool, fur lined shackles on her wrists.  With a click, she was a prisoner.  Her breasts were heaving from the pressure of the tight, under-bust corset and her heart was pounding. 

“Spread your legs wider,” He commanded.  She did as instructed and Master went down to his knees before her, but she knew better than to think he was going to orally please her.  She felt his hands roaming around her thighs, scratching at them.  He ran his finger over her snatch, just barely touching it.  It was a deliciously painful torture.  She felt leather panties going over her legs. 

“This will keep the plug in, and I expect you to keep tight and NOT let it fall out!”

bondage handcuffs sex toyMaster got up and she felt his hands on her neck and throat.  He placed a blindfold on her eyes, kissed her deeply as he did it, and then she heard chains jingling.  Devlin felt him search for her nipples and he pulled them hard, tweaking and twisting. Pulling on them, and twisting them.  Oh the sweet agony.  Master placed the nipple clamp on and she ‘yelped’ with pleasure and pain.

“Little one, don’t yelp, it doesn’t become you,” He whispered in her ear. “I know you can take much, much more.”  He continued by putting another clamp on the other nipple.  Once secure, he gave a tug.  Then, she felt him down by her legs again.  She felt the fabric of her panties being lifted and a clamp being placed on her clitoral hood.  The pleasure and pain combination was insanely intense.  Master was pulling out all the stops tonight.

Not sure how long she could hang here, having all her best erogenous zones teased.  Just when she thought it couldn’t get more torturous, it did.  The chains that connected her wet pussy to her nipples suddenly got very, very taught.  One little motion from her instantly pulled on them.  It was simple torture.  Master got next to her ear and said, “You look delicious chained to my wall with clamps on your pussy and nipples.  I am going to reward you later for your obedience.  Now, I need you to stay still, don’t cum, and I will return later…”

With that, he kissed her hard on the mouth, pulled on the chain for good measure and left the room.  She could hear him in the next room.  She heard rustling and finally water running.  She was chained and helpless against his wall, and he was taking a Goddamn shower!  Fuck. 

She stayed there, trying not to move, her arms aching, her toes hurting, her nipples and pussy throbbing.   Without a watch or clock to see, blindfolded and horny she hung there.  Finally, she heard him walking around, drawers opening and shutting and eventually she heard a clicking sound.  Then, Master pulled the chain.

“Oh Little One, you are so fucking sexy hanging there.  Do your nipples hurt?  Is your clit engorged?  Are you wet like a good Little One?”

She muttered, “I am very wet, Sir.”

Master kissed her neck, nose, shoulders and then her mouth.  She was getting more and hotter by the second – but then she heard the buzzing.  She felt the vibrator on her nipples – clinking against the clamps – and then on her stomach.  Thighs next and finally around and under the clitoral clamp.  She was so horny that she knew orgasm was inevitable.  Every time that vibrator hit one of the clamps the pain was super intense, followed by intense, undeniable pleasure.

“If you want to cum, you can Little One.  Cum whenever you want.”

She began to open her legs as much as she could, bucking against the vibrator.  She wanted her legs open.  Shamelessly spread, her clit tight and exposed.  She was dying to cum.  Dying to cum for him.  She bent her knees back, placed her feet against the wall and thrust her pussy up and out as far as possible.  The shackles were tight and she was so ready to cum.  She felt the hot rush to her pussy and knew she was going to explode.  She began to cum in a hot rush and wave and the butt plug was pulsating in her ass.  Moaning and screeching she finally came down from her orgasmic high!

“Now Little One, that was a freebie.  From now on, I will tell you when you can cum.  Do not cum unless I give you permission, is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” she muttered in a guttural tone.

Sore and shaking she hung from the rack.  Her clit swollen and tender – her body alive with sensations.  Her threshold was near; and that excited her.  He circled her, flogger in hand, and He asks, “Little One, safeword?”  She whispers, “No, Sir,” and the smack came quick and mercilessly.  She came instantly and over the threshold she went – blissfully. 

She knew that because she had cum she would be punished.  She wanted that.  More than anything.  With that Master then released her from the wall.  The blindfold stayed on, but the clamps were removed.  Master walked her across the room and she felt the highness of the 4 poster bed that Master had in his basement room against her stomach.  He helped her onto the bed and told her to lie on her back.  

He tied her wrists to the posters and then removed her panties and the plug, tying her ankles spread wide open to the bottom posters.  She was totally exposed.  Deliciously exposed.  Master slowly ran his hands over her body.  She was aching for him to touch her tits or pussy, but he deliberately avoided those spots.  He did, however, place his large, hard cock at her mouth.   

“Suck my cock Little One,” he ordered.

She began to take his cock in the best she could. He bucked his hips slowly forward and back, as Devlin took his cock into her mouth and down her throat with relative ease.  Master was so huge that when she tried to deep throat him, she gagged.  This pleased him greatly and he began to thrust his cock down her throat more rapidly.  She sucked him the best she could with limited space to move and with no use of her hands.  He thrust himself down into her throat, gagging her with each thrust.  The thick, frothy foam of saliva evidence of the speed in which he fucked her mouth.  Her tonsils were aching, her neck cramping, and yet she continued to suck her Master’s cock.  She felt him groan and then felt the hot load streaming down her throat.  

“Now look what you did slut, you made me cum.  I wasn’t ready to cum yet.  Now you will pay for that…”

“Sorry Sir, I tried to please you,” she admitted, with sincerity and softness.  She knew, however, what was coming.  For her, one of the best parts of the Master / submissive dynamic – punishment. 

couples in bed sexy bondageMaster began to lick her stomach and went lower and lower until his hot mouth on her pussy.  He hovered above her, breathing his hotness down onto her body.  He began to expertly work his fingers around her wet and waiting snatch.  Fingering her lips and teasing her tender folds.  His tongue finally found its way to her swollen clit and she instinctively began to buck up against his face, so close to orgasm.  She wondered if she should cum, and thought she had better try not to!

 He thrust one, then two fingers into her wetness and she about lost it right there!  The pressure and the pleasure of her Master licking her clit, fingering her lips and fucking her with his large fingers were about all she could take.  Her pussy began to clench against him and she could barely stand it.  As if he knew exactly how she felt, he whispered “cum Little One” and like magic, she did.  She came, and came, and came and felt the wetness between her legs.  The dirty words came spewing from her mouth like she was a dirty street whore.  He made her cum again and again by working her little clit and lips like an expert.  Just when she was about to plead for him to stop because her clit was tender and super engorged, he stopped and left the bed.

She lay there, panting and coming down from the high.  Pleased that he pleasured her, she was confused because she was sure a punishment was coming.  Perhaps her punishment was that Master wouldn’t let her cum again?

Master came and stood by the bed.  Still blindfolded she could only hear him.   

“I am going to place you up into the sex swing,” he said, “do not worry, I can lift you easily and I won’t drop you.”

Swing?  Oh yes, the swing.  Things were starting to come into focus in Devlin’s mind now.  She imagined all the painful and pleasurable tortures that could be administered while she dangled sweetly from the swing.

He picked her up and placed her in a soft, fabric swing.  This one felt different than the other swing, it had sleeves for her legs and when her legs were placed in them, they automatically spread very wide.  There were similar sleeves for her arms, but they were extended above her head.   The gentle sway of the swing was mesmerizing, and the cold air tickled her nipples and pussy. She felt his hands on her almost immediately and knew that he was enjoying the view.  He tweaked her sore nipples and ran his hands slowly down to her pussy.  She was totally exposed, and because she could not see him, was even more turned on.  She sensed him moving away, leaving her dangling there aroused, wet, and anticipating. 

The swing just moved gently, as she swung back and forth and around in small circles.  Nearly  asleep, silent in temporary security, when she felt his fingers on her pussy and his lips on her nipples.   He was sucking them hard, bringing them deep into his mouth.  His fingers were teasing her and making her very wet again.  Just when she was sure she would cum again, he stopped.  

“Oh Little One, you please me.  Your pussy gets so wet and makes a very pretty thing to look at.  I am going to punish you for making me so damn horny.”

Ahhh, there is was!  Punishment!  Punishment for making him horny, what better thing to be punished for! 



Devlin yelped with surprised!  Something had hit her swollen clit – hard.



Again the little leather strap hit her pussy.  Because her legs were spread so wide the crop end made complete contact with her pussy, causing a hot pulsating feeling that stung more and more each time he slapped her there.

“Since I am going to ride you later, I thought you might enjoy a little riding crop punishment.”

Master was rubbing the end of the riding crop up and down her wet slit, teasing her and then slapping her clit hard!  He would alternate the tease with a snap.  Tease then snap!  The last one got harder and caused her to writhe in the restraints. The hotness in her pussy intensified as he continued to snap her pussy repeatedly.   

“Are you fucking ready to be fucked Little One?” He asked, with a definite growl.

“Yes, Sir, please fuck me,” she begged with almost a crying tone. She knew that being fucked now would be painful – yet she wanted him so badly.  It was that confusing dynamic that always took her by surprise.

She felt him near, but was confused as to the way this would be done.  She felt fingers roughly entering her swollen cunt.  One, then two, then three fingers.  She was breathing heavily, trying desperately not to cry out in pain.  He began working the fourth and then fifth fingers into her snatch, while licking her clit with his tongue.  Then with a quick, fast push she felt his fist enter her fully!  The pain and pressure was divine!  The fullness was fantastic.  It was incredibly painful, but yet she felt her orgasm building.  She wanted--no, she needed to cum!  She felt the telltale feeling of a G-Spot orgasm rising within her.  She began to whimper and whine and move and he just kept fisting her deeper and deeper.

“Cum for me you fucking slut…”

And she did.  She came and came and felt the wetness squirting out.  As his fist entered her hole all her juices spewed from her body in an uncontrollable gush of excitement.  She wanted him to stop, but yet to continue!  The sensation was so fucking amazing, but it was painful due to the punishment her pussy had received! She kept opening her legs wider and wider and the orgasms kept coming over and over!

“Yes Little One, spread those fucking legs so I can fist that pussy!”

“Sir, please, I have… to... I have to...” she muttered, trying to get out the words.

Knowing that she was reaching her limit, he stopped.  She was relieved, yet disappointed.   When he removed his hand she felt a sense of relief and sadness.   He untied her arms and removed her from the swing.

“You did well Little One. You are really pleasing me tonight.”

He placed her back on the bed, face down.  He tied her wrists, but not her feet.  Her pussy was throbbing – THROBBING  - in short, painful bursts.  She was so wet still.  He removed the blindfold and looked into her eyes.  “You are even better than I expected tonight.  You have not disappointed.  Your pussy is primed and ready for me and the best part of the evening is yet to come.  I am going to fuck you until you can’t move and you will love it,” he whispered. The mix of tenderness and authority was maddening.

She felt him grab her waist and pull her up to her knees, her head buried in the bed.  He spread her legs apart a bit and felt the wetness just for fun.  Then she felt the light stroke of the tethers on her ass.  She braced herself for what was to come.  First, a light slap, and then a full-on whip!  He would dangle the leather tethers across her ass, like little loving fingers and then SMACK, he would whip her in full force!  Then repeat!  The sensations were maddening!  She felt her ass getting red and knew that Master loved seeing the glowing pink of a well-punished ass!

She felt the cool lube hitting her asshole and before she could adjust to the idea, he was pushing a large butt plug into her ass.  He was rough, yet careful, obviously impatient to get it in.  Then she felt him at her pussy entrance.  Hard, large and ready to fuck her.  He grabbed her ass with a grown and buried himself inside of her wetness!  He just stilled there – not moving muscle – and felt her clenching around his cock. 

Devlin was maddened with sensations!  Her body was raw with being punished, and yet so highly aroused.  Every move he made was heightened by the alive sensations of her tender skin, her swollen clit, her overworked pussy!  It was total heaven!

He began to fuck her in balls deep strokes – hitting her tender insides and making her cum, instantly.  

“Fuck, your pussy is still tight Little One,” he moaned into her ear as he rammed her pussy with his cock.  He bit her shoulder, and then pushed the butt plug further into her tender ass.  He was an excellent fuck, taking his time, varying his strokes.  He reached down and untied her wrists in one, smooth motion.

“Get on your back slut, I want to see those tits,” he instructed.

In a fluid motion, she shifted to her back.  He thrust her legs apart, leaving the toy buzzing in her ass, and began to fuck her while hungrily grabbing at her tits. 

“Hold your legs wide open,” he commanded.

Fucking her hard and roughs she began to climax yet again.  How much more could she take?

“You are a good little slut, I am glad I chose you,” he announced, grabbing her nipple and pulling hard. He was rhythmically fucking her, causing her tits to bounce forward and back in a hard thrust.

“You are going to ride me now whore,” he demanded, as he withdrew and lay down.

She slid herself down on his cock, feeling the deepness as the end of his cock hit her cervix.  Lord, the sweet pain of a big cock!  Her entire body was sore – each muscle a painful reminder of the night’s activities.

Facing him, he grabbed at her tits and fingered her clit.  By all miracles, the vibe in her ass stayed put and she was so full I could hardly stand it.  Orgasming freely now, she was astounded at his stamina.  She fucked him, riding his cock for dear life, for what seemed like hours. 

“Turn around so I can see my cock entering that fucking pussy,” he growled with urgency.

She did as instructed and felt his pubic arch hitting her clit like a welcomed friend. She fucked him hard and soft, rolling her hips and varying her stride.  This pleased him, and he grabbed her hips and forced her down faster or slower.  She was now completely in the subzone, just doing what came naturally.

He demanded she get on hands and knees, entered her pussy again in one, hard stroke.  Burying himself balls deep in her wet and now aching pussy. She was raw from orgasm, but so tender that every stroke rendered orgasmic bliss.  He removed the toy from her ass and withdrew from my pussy.  She felt, without warning, his cock head at her back door.  He began to work his cock into her ass, slowly and carefully.  She bucked back against him, feeling the searing pain of his large cock in her ass. She bent down to finger her pussy and that encouraged him all the more.  He fucked her ass hard and with purpose, starting to grunt and groan.  Faster, harder she began to cum harder than she had the entire night.  

Master was holding on to her hips, grunting and fucking her.  Finally, finally he came deep inside her ass with a loud grunt and moan and a slap on her ass that she was sure would welt.  He remained deep inside her, pulsing, as his cum began to seep out.

strawberry sexyHe withdrew and wiped off her ass with a towel.  He told her to relax and left the room, going into the attached bathroom suite.  He came back and picked her up off bed and took her to the bathroom, placing her into the huge tub filled with warm, soothing water and bubbles. 

“You pleased me, more than I could say Little One.  Now, I will take care of you for your service,” he said with a look of affection and release.

He washed her hair, face, and back.  He had her stand and washed her legs, ass and pussy.  He was tender, loving and slow.  She felt rejuvenated and full of satisfaction.  He allowed her to soak in the tub, bringing fruit and water.

“Now Little One, are you ready to continue,” Master asked her after she had time to rest.  Devlin thought about it.  Her entire body was sore.  Her pussy felt raw.  Her muscles ached.  Yet, despite all of this she responded, “Bring it on, Sir.”