Yes, Sir

“You know what you need to do Kat, you need to sign up on Fetlife to help explore your submissive tendencies.” She pondered, Fetlife, really?  Katie had recently discussed some of her most inner fantasies with her friend Ryan, who had informed her post haste that she was definitely submissive.  “Oh come on Ry, you have watched Fifty Shades too many times I think, I am so not submissive!”

“Don’t mock it till you have tried it Kat, it may be just what the Dominant ordered,” Ryan retorted with a bit of an evil twinge.  Truth be told Katie was wondering why she kept having the same thoughts, the same fantasies.  Always about being taken, being told what to do, being bound in any number of ways.  She was tired of her lover’s indecisive nature.  She yearned to just be taken care of sexually.  She wanted to be told to “do this or that.”  Did this mean she was submissive?  Really?  Didn’t that mean she was weak or a doormat?  She didn’t know, but she did know she needed answers.  What better place than on a website that featured people who knew about these things.

Logging on to Fetlife gave her a real thrill.  The excitement coursing through her was undeniable.  Now, for a name.  A hot name.  A submissive name.  What should it be? LittleSubKat.  Yeah, that sounds cute.  So, what am I?  Submissive?  Dominant?  PanSexual? Hedonist? Switch?  Brat?  Brat—What the heck is that?  Submissive it is.

As Katie ran through the profile questions and answered the “About me” section of the website she was struck with the reality of what she was doing.  What if someone contacts me and wants me to do things with them?  Am I just playing with fire here? Even the common sense red-flag questions that anybody would have were quickly dismissed and overridden by the absolute thrill of exploring this side of herself.  The profile finished, she needed a picture.  Having looked at some other profiles and seeing the very erotic and blatantly sexual pictures some put up, she decided to be more mysterious and just posted a picture of her eyes.  If the eyes are the window to the soul, then any man would see her submissive soul, right?

The first few days got her no serious responses.  A bunch of disgusting inquiries about her tits or body.  Requests from “Dominants” to take pictures of her pussy or ass.  The messages seemed fake, inauthentic and frankly, perverted.  What have I gotten myself into here?

On the 6th day a message from Sir88 came through, “Hello LittleKat.  What would you allow me to do to you?  If I were your Master and you my submissive.  Imagine the freedom.  Imagine the care.  Imagine the fun.  Imagine the orgasms.  I ask you simply, what would you allow me to do to you?”

sexy underwear womanElectricity ran through her as she read the short message again and again.  The profile picture attached to the message showed a dark haired man, very good looking, looking directly into the camera.  Those eyes.  Holy fuck those eyes.  Katie could not stop looking.  It was as if she knew him.  Did she?  She went to the profile and read his stats, flipped through some pretty hot pictures of him with other submissives.  All tastefully taken, but oh, so naughty.  Katie felt her clit throbbing and the wetness gathering between her legs.  She wanted to be his.  In less than 5 minutes, not knowing a thing about Him, she wanted to be His.

Going back to the message she typed, “Anything, Sir.  Anything.”  Taking a few seconds to ponder that response, she hit send and off it went.

Over the next week Sir contacted her often, and they began a dialogue like none other.  Kat admitted to being completely new to the idea of submission.  Sir assured her that she was submissive, and that she would feel sexual freedom in her submission.  Moving quickly to text, Katie found herself submitting in simple things such as sending pictures of her nipples, masturbating when and where Sir said, texting every night before bed, and writing fantasies that she had about Him and posting them on FetLife.  It was all-consuming and oh, so hot.

“You have done well LittleKat,” Sir said, “but now it is time to see if we are compatible in real life as well.  You are going to meet me on Saturday.  I will text you the time, place and what you are to wear for me.  If you fail to show up, or do not comply with my requests in any way, this ends right here, right now.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Katie texted, her hands shaking in anticipation.  She was going to meet Him! In the flesh.  Saturday was only 2 days away.  She instantly had a mix of emotions that spanned from fear to excitement to nervousness.  Was this the right thing?

Friday night the text came, “You will meet me at 8:00 pm, the W Hotel in the city.  You will go into the lobby bar and sit at the bar on a corner stool.  You are to wear a short, black skirt, no panties.  An appropriate, revealing blouse and a sexy bra. Heels or boots, no flats.  You are to have your pussy waxed completely bald.  No landing strip.  Light perfume only. Tasteful make-up.  Red lipstick. Hair down.  Nails done.  Silver jewelry only. You will wait there, drinking only one drink and no more until I arrive.”

“Yes, Sir,” Katie typed the reply.  She waited.  Nothing more came.  

She called her salon and arranged for a wax that afternoon.  Then she went shopping.  She wanted to look absolutely delicious for Him.  I hope he will like my curves, she thought.  Knowing that He had seen pretty much all of her via text pictures, she was pretty certain He approved of her ample 36 DD breasts and overall hourglass shape.  But the doubts crept in all the same.

Looking in the mirror in the hotel bathroom she was pleased with the outcome.  Her hips were wrapped in a tight, black pencil skirt.  The knee height black boots made the white, silky skin of her thighs look appealing.  The deep blue sheer blouse was tight around the breast area, but not tacky.  The long, silver chain dipped into her cleavage that her new balconette bra provided perfectly.  Her long, brown hair graced her shoulders and back with light curls and her make-up was sexy, yet understated.  Not wearing panties made her feel sexy and wicked.  Hell, she was sexy and wicked.

Crossing the lobby and heading toward the bar she wondered if He was watching her?  Sitting amongst the hotel guests and stalking her entrance?  She tried desperately not to look around, as she was sure He would disapprove if she did.  She wanted to look confident and secure, not nervous or nosy.  She went to the right side corner of the bar and elegantly slipped on to the rather high bar stool.  She was petite at 5’2”, so her feet dangled off the stool.  This made her feel more like a child than a grown ass woman about to have a sexual tryst with a hot Dominant man.  She ordered her drink – cranberry juice and vodka – and sipped it tentatively.

By 10 pm she had finished her drink, her legs were numb, and she was beginning to wonder if he had played her for a fool.  Yet, she sat there, patiently, still waiting for Him to show up.  At 10:15 she felt a hand on the small of her back and the electric passed through her like wildfire! He bent down to her ear and whispered, “Oh LittleKat, you do not disappoint,” and then growled.  She felt like she could’ve cum right then and there!

Sir gently pushed her back, indicating that she should get onto the floor. Standing, tentatively, she noticed he was holding her up, giving her stability, as her legs acclimated to being awake again.  She dared not look at Him, although she was dying to.  They walked, side by side, to the elevators across the lobby.  Sir pushed the “Up” button and when the car arrived he ushered her in.  This is it.  This is really it.  Should I run?  Oh my God, what am I doing?

As the elevator doors closed, Sir, spun her around quickly to face Him.  Grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at Him.  He winked sexily at her and bent to kiss her.  Instantly any and all fears melted away to only a sexual heat she had never felt before.

When the doors opened on the 32nd floor, Katie floated out of the elevator to the door of the hotel room.  Sir was still gently pushing her along.  Before sliding the key card in he inquired, “OK LittleKat, this is the last chance.  Once you go through these doors, you are mine.  If you do not want this, do not want me, go back to the elevator and never contact me again.”

“No, Sir.  I want this.  Please.”  With a click, the door opened. 

Inside the immense suite, which seemed more like a small condo, was a bar, a seating area, kitchen, outdoor balcony overlooking the city, and a door that Katie assumed went to the bedroom.  She stood in the center of the room, looking around nervously.  Sir came up behind her, moved her hair from her neck and kissed her, circling his hands around to fondle her breasts.  Katie sunk back into him, enjoying the sensations of His hands on her.  Just when she was floating blissfully into a comfortable feeling she felt pain in her nipples! He was pinching and pulling them.  Hard. 

hot sexy couples
Pinch.  Twist. Release.  Pinch.  Twist.  Release.  Over and over.  The pain / pleasure combination was maddening. She found herself moaning and gasping for air.  When did his hands go down her blouse?  When did he start twisting her nipples?  What is he doing?  All these thoughts competed with the internal reaction of her body which just wanted more and more.

Sir continued his assault on her nipples, alternating the pressure and stimulation until Katie found herself writhing almost to orgasm.  Then, He stopped.  Removed his hands and went to sit down on the couch in front of her.  Leaving her standing there, pulsing. Dripping.  Electrified.

“LittleKat.  Remove all your clothing except your boots.  Do it now.  Do not make me tell you twice,” Sir stated.  It was not a request.  The tone was firm and slow. 

Katie began to undress slowly.  She was nervous, yet incredibly excited.  She unbuttoned her blouse and threw it to the floor.  Next, she unclasped her bra and threw it on top of her blouse.  Sir was looking at her with approval.  Finally she shimmied out of her skirt, leaving herself blissfully naked and feeling exposed.  She stood there.  Somehow, she knew better than to move.

“Spread your legs and clasp your hands behind your back,” Sir said, rising from His seat.  He circled around her slowly, His fingertips grazing her body from time to time.  He settled behind her and grabbed her ass cheek as if to check its firmness.  Then released it.  SMACK!  The swat on her ass took her by surprise to such an extent she nearly fell over!

“Spread those legs,” Sir said, “you need to stay in the position I request at all times.”

Katie spread her legs again, still wobbly from the ass slap.  She felt His hand going up her thigh, inching closer to her pussy which was hot and dripping.  He brought his fingers up and teased the outer lips, then started to work His fingers inside of her.  She was nearly dizzy with sensation and confusion.  He had barely kissed her and here He was working his fingers inside of her wet pussy.  Sir expertly worked His fingers inside of her, while teasing her clit just enough to bring her close to orgasm.  She wanted to cum so badly.  The nipple torture combined with the excitement of the meeting had pushed her close already.

“Would you like me to make you cum LittleKat,” He inquired.

“Yes.  Yes I would very much,” she replied, a noticeable shake in her voice.  Instead of granting her that pleasure and releasing her from her painful arousal, Sir stopped.  He stopped and walked back to the couch.  Katie stood there, legs spread, so near orgasm that it hurt her clit. Throbbing, wet, aching for release.  Why did He stop?  He asked her, so why did he stop?

The answer hit her like a ton of bricks and her head bowed in disappointment and shame.  Disappointment in herself. She did not refer to him as Sir.  She failed.  Her first test and she had failed.

“I see you realize your error LittleKat,” Sir stated, “I can see the regret in your eyes.  You realize you will have to be punished for this transgression, right?”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered, “I humbly apologize and ask for Sir’s forgiveness in my absolute stupidity.”

“Well, since you are new to the submissive dynamic, I will only punish you until you will no longer forget how to address your Master.  I am going to retrieve my flogger, and you will bend yourself over the back of the couch, spread your legs, and present that lovely ass to me.  I will flog you and after each time you will respond, ‘Yes, Sir,’ until I feel that you are no longer going to forget.  Is that clear LittleKat?”

“Yes, Sir,” Katie responded with tears in her eyes.  Tears of relief and excitement as much as tears of regret.

“Into position now,” Sir demanded, rising from His seat.

Katie got into position, her ass already hot with desire for punishment.  Her mind racing at the confusing thoughts running through her mind.  The excitement, the fear, the apprehension, the craving.  All this was new to her.

“Here we go LittleKat, do not move,” Sir instructed.


“Yes, Sir,” Katie sounded, adjusting to the sting of the flogger.


“Yes, Sir,” Katie again said, each smack a little greater sting. 

She had no idea how many more were coming her way, but she did know that no matter how many, she would always happily answer, “Yes, Sir!”

Thankfully, not many came before he stopped the assault on her now tender ass.  She felt like crying, but she didn’t want to appear weak. From her research she knew that punishments were part of the dynamic.

“LittleKat, please stand up and face me,” Sir commanded.  He walked over to her and put His hand tenderly on her cheeks, wiping the tears.  Then He ran his thumb along her lips and bent in to kiss her, at first gently, and then with more heat and passion.  The kiss was electrifying!

“There, now see.  Most of what we do together will be pleasurable, not painful.  The pain only comes when you displease me.  You don’t want to displease me, do you LittleKat?”

“No, Sir, definitely not,” she responded.

Sir walked to the bar and made Himself a drink, then walked to the couch and sat.  “Now LittleKat, I want to see what you can do with those pouty lips of yours, come here.”

She walked and stood directly in front of Him, allowing herself to look at Him – really look at Him.  He was incredibly sexy.  He reached between the couch cushions and pulled out a long, black, silken tie. 

“Turn around,” He commanded.  Once turned around she found her wrists being bound behind her back.  Not tightly, but definitely secured.  “Turn around now.”  She turned.  “Oh LittleKat.  I will enjoy tying those wrists behind your back very much,” He purred, “It makes your tits pop out nicely, and I enjoy the view.”

Feeling sexy and well-praised she found herself pushing her shoulders back even more.  She watched as he stripped off His clothing.  All of His clothing.  Holy fuck was He ripped.  Muscles everywhere.  His cock.  Oh man His cock was a sight to see.  Even in a semi-hard state it was impressive and uncut. Her mouth watered. She licked her lips. Literally licked them.

“Get on your knees and service my cock,” Sir commanded, now sitting once again.   She knelt carefully between His knees, which was harder to do restrained.  She began to lick and taste His cock.  She sucked it in, gently, and swirled her tongue around His fat cock head.  She was rewarded with a hardening as his head came further out of its protective skin layer.  Working her way down His shaft, she mixed up sucking and licking around in a circular motion.  As His cock grew for her, so did her enthusiasm.  She worked down, down, down until her mouth had engulfed all of Him and her lips were resting above His cleanly shaven balls.  She deep throated Him and this elicited a evil growl of approval from Him.  She was unsure if she had mentioned that she had little to no gag reflex. 

Continuing with her oral pleasing, she began to bob her head up and down, slowly the more quickly, then back more slowly.  She felt Him begin to buck into her mouth and really wished she had the use of her hands!  He grew harder and longer and she took every inch of Him with skill and gusto.  Up and down, her tongue twirling around His shaft, little hard sucks followed by shallow, light sucks she worked His cock like it was her job.  In a way, it was!  Soon she felt His balls contracting, signalling His orgasm. She was ready to swallow everything, but was denied.

“Stop now LittleKat.  You did well. You did very well.  No gag reflex, huh?” He pondered.

“Uh, no Sir, not really,” she responded, panting from the excitement of possibly getting Him off.

Sir stood and walked behind her, helping her to get up by holding her bound wrists.  He walked her around to the back of the couch and bent her forward, using His feet to gently kick her legs apart.  He grabbed her hair and pulled her backwards but at the same time He pushed the head of his cock into her wet pussy.  She felt herself stretching to accommodate Him.  Really stretching to almost a painful state.  Wow was He big! 

“Mmmmm, I love a tight pussy,” He growled as he pushed into her.  Slowly, achingly, He put every inch in a little at a time until He was fully inside her.  He was wide, thick, and super hard.  More so, He was long.  Very long.  She could feel him at her cervix, which was an odd sensation not all-together unpleasant.  Sir began to fuck into her – slowly – but then with more vigor.  Soon He was slamming His cock into her pussy in long, deep strokes.  She felt her orgasm approaching and was struck with fear.  What to do? Can I cum?  Should I ask?  What if he says no? Finally she settled on asking, “Sir, I need to cum, can I cum now?”

“Good girl LittleKat, you must always ask me for your pleasure.  You may cum if you need.”

Permission granted she allowed herself to feel, really feel, His hardness inside her and began to contract in orgasm.  Crying out “Oooooh fuck Sir,” she clenched on his cock, hard, and allowed the orgasm to rip through her! 

Assuming He would follow suit she waited.  And waited.  No orgasm came from Sir, just continued fucking of her hole until another orgasm was building!  She rarely came this easily and was a bit in shock.  He continued his rhythm and then reached down and tweaked her nipple!  Another orgasm shook through her!  Before He could finish his withdrew his cock, spun her around, pushed her to her knees and demanded, “Finish me now!”

Taking His cock in her mouth she began a quickly paced rhythm of suck, twirl and deep throat.  Soon she was rewarded with His sticky, salty, hot cum sliding down her throat.  She had never felt so totally satisfied with making a man cum before. 

“Excellent LittleKat, most excellent.  You didn’t spill a drop!” He praised.

Helping her up once again he released her wrists, taking a few moments to massage them.  “Now, go to the bathroom and tidy up a bit.  Then, remove your boots and sit on the side of the bed, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered.  In the bathroom she wondered, what would happen next?  Most men she had slept with were good for one round a session, and surely not more than one as intense as this one had been.  She did as told and sat on the bed.

Sir came in shortly and looked at her.  He was carrying what looked like a riding crop.  Katie looked around the room and evaluated all the implements of torture and pleasure that were laying around.  She saw restraints on the headboard, a blindfold on the nightstand, a few anal plugs sitting on the dresser, a portable restraint system on the back of the bedroom door, a few vibrators on the other nightstand.  Oh wow.  I feel like I am in a sex toy store in here.

Sir came and stood before her, “Are you ready to start again LittleKat,” He asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she responded and she meant it with all the fibers of her being.